ICPE International Conference on Physics Education 2014


The Local Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Zulma Gangoso (Chair)
  • Prof. Silvina Pérez
  • Prof. Débora A Pedernera
  • Prof. Laura M. Buteler
  • Prof. Alberto Gattoni
  • Prof. Gustavo Monti
  • Prof. Marcos Oliva
  • Prof. Enrique Coleoni

The International Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Robert Lambourne (UK) (Chair)
  • Marisa Michelini (President of GIREP)
  • Prof. Hideo Nitta (Japan)
  • Prof. Leos Dvorak (Czech Republic)
  • Prof. Zulma Gangoso (Argentina)
  • Prof. Julio Benegas (Argentina)
  • Prof. Francisco Tamarit (Argentina)
  • Prof. Roberto Nardi (Brazil)
  • Prof. Nianle Wu (China)
  • Prof. Gorazd Planinsic (Slovenia)
  • Prof. Deena Naido (South Africa)
  • Prof. Jayashree Ramadas (India)
  • Prof. Dmitry Khokhlov (Russia)
  • Prof. Lotten Glans (Sweden)
  • Prof. Priscilla Laws (USA)
  • Prof. César Mora (México)

ICPE is a Commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.

ICPE celebrates 51 years since its founding.

The International Commission on Physics Education promotes the exchange of information and views among the members of the international scientific community in Physics Education including:

  1. The collection, evaluation, coordination and distribution of information concerning education in the physical sciences at all levels.
  2. Information relating to the assessment of standards of physics teaching and learning.
  3. Suggestions of ways in which the facilities for the study of physics at all levels might be improved, stimulating experiments at all levels, and giving help to physics teachers in all countries in incorporating current knowledge of physics, physics pedagogy, and the results of research in physics education into their courses and curricula.


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