ICPE International Conference on Physics Education 2014

List of Posters

List of Posters

Date Session Poster Presenting Author Co-Authors Title
TUESDAY AUGUST 19 I 1 Minoru Sato Evaluation of FCI by Entropy
2 Gabriela Del Valle Díaz-Muñoz Ignacio Campos Flores, José Luis Jiménez and Maria Guadalupe Hernández Morales Some misconceptions in relativity theory
3 Masazumi Mori Toru Terao, Takaaki Aoki, Miyuki Ohura, Katsumasa Yokokawa and Naoshi Takahashi Thermo Ink helps the understanding of the convection: Comparison between the Thermo Ink and Thermography as teaching materials.
4 Marta Pesa Bettina Bravo Intuitive knowledge versus science knowledge when explaining optical phenomena: a study about how to manage knowledge is learned
5 Marta Pesa Silvia del Valle Bravo Between cognition and action in a physics lab. Proposal for learning phenomena of light interference
6 Carlos Briones Galarza Enrique Caballero Barros and Jorge Flores Herrera The flipped classroom and the self-directed learning
7 Vagner Oliveira Eliane Angela Veit and Ives Solano Araujo Just-in-Time Teaching and Peer Instruction methods in the learning of Electromagnetism in a Brazilian high school
8 Fumiko Okiharu Akizo Kobayashi Physics Experiments described on the middle school students’ notes
9 Masako Tanemura Tetsuya Iwamoto, Kazuki Kita and Masa-aki Taniguchi Hysteretic behavior of soap film inside of vertically stretching and shrinking quadratic-prism frame
10 Cristiane Sommer Leme Lúcio Campos Costa The impact of curriculum in BC&T in Licentiate Physics Course of UFABC
11 Mika Yokoe Lesson practice of physics with emphasis on a linguistic expression
12 Raúl Urteaga Emanuel Elizalde and Pablo G. Bolcatto Measuring g with a smartphone: an experience of popular science
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20 II 13 Andrey Klavsyuk Elena Nikanorova, Alexander Slepkov and Alexander Saletsky Practical studying in a course of Mechanics
14 Gabriela Del Valle Díaz-Muñoz José Luis Jiménez, Maria Guadalupe Hernández Morales and Ignacio Campos Flores The teaching of quantum mechanics at an elementary level
15 Gabriela Del Valle Díaz-Muñoz Rodolfo Espíndola Heredia and Luis Alberto Peralta Martínez Conservation Theorems and Ergodicity
16 Carlos Alberto Ramos Matías Guillen and Adrián Inchaurza A low budget experiment for measuring the speed of light.
17 Allan Victor Ribeiro Moacir Pereira de Souza Filho Future teachers’s preconceptions concerning nanotecnology and their motivation for its inclusion in basic education
18 Allan Victor Ribeiro Moacir Pereira de Souza Filho Importance concerning the use of another methodologies in the approach of the nanoscience and nanotechnology to training course for teachers
19 Anne Linder Moa Eriksson, Nadaraj Govender and Cedric Linder Algebraic signs in introductory kinematics: How university students studying physics conceptualize their use in problem solving.
20 Edna Eliana Morales John Freddy Ramirez Casallas and Néstor Cardoso The use of models and processes modelling for teaching the concept of force, with college students.
21 Reginaldo Manoel Teixira José Francisco Custódio Interest as descriptor of the sense of reality about scientific objects
22 Silvina Limandri M. Bernarda Quiroga, Cesar Olivares and Sergio Suárez Basic physics concepts at high school applied to material characterization
23 Vanessa Álvarez María Lucrecia Carot and Zulma Gangoso Problem-Solving Modeling: from Physics to Chemistry. Characterization of problem statement.
24 Sorandra Corrêa de Lima Roberto Nardi A proposal for continuing education for teachers of science early years of basic education
THURSDAY AUGUST 21 III 25 Guillaume Schiltz Exercise class market: Applying differentiated instruction to physics tutorials
26 Juana Gallego Fabián Videla, Patricia Torroba and Eugenio Devece Methode to improve the student teacher ratio based on Twiter
27 Marcelo Olímpio Gomes Hermes Gustavo Fernandes Neri and Eduardo Kojy Takahashi Using Facebook as a tool for teaching Astronomy
28 Gabriela Kaiana Ferreira José Francisco Custódio Influence of beliefs and affect in students in physics problem solving activities
29 Jaime Arturo Vélez-Pardo Discovering Physics, a novel curriculum for the introductory calculus based physics course for engineering
30 James Christopher Moore Efficacy of multimedia learning modules as preparation for lecture-based tutorials in electromagnetism
31 Carlos Alberto Ramos Matías Guillen and Adrián Inchaurza A low budget experiment for the determination of the Planck constant
32 Suhaila M. Shibli S. Isotani, S. Isotani, C.S. M. Partiti and Capelli Analysis and Improvement of the Formation of Groups for Conducting Experiment in Physics
33 Luís Carlos Verza Amarante Ana Paula Ximenes Flores, Allan Victor Ribeiro and Moacir Pereira de Souza Filho Pictorial representations of nanostructures with materials of low cost: art and creativity in the teaching of nanoscience and nanotechnology
34 Roberto Nardi Andréa Cristina Souza de Jesus The presence of physics education research outcomes in supervised teaching practice activities
35 Pedro Paulo Santos da Silva Francisco Hermes Santos da Silva and Maria de Fátima Vilhena da Silva Trends methodological for the teaching of modern physics
36 César Mora Jorge Olguín Study on teaching the Archimedes’ principle using the technique of Problem Based Learning for secondary students

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